Thursday, July 21, 2011

where 2 became 2

this isn't bitter sweet for me. it's just down right sad today. i know that i will look back at this and smile but not right now. i am just plain sad. felton has been mentioning for several days now that he wants to start sleeping in his own room. ceasar and i have pretty much been ignoring it hoping that his simple request would just dissapear... but it hasn't. i guess it's kind of my fault for painting his new room in our new home a fun bright color. in our old home, it was "their room" from the beginning. in the new home, we created her room and his room and they have been sleeping in HER room ever since we moved in. this obviously played a huge part in this all happening so soon. he thinks his blue room is so cool and he loves hanging out in there. twins sharing a room is one of those topics that i read about several times on my mother's of multiple blogs, books, updates, etc. on average, boy/girl twins ask to sleep in their own rooms around 5. same sex twins are typically a few years older (if ever). well, this is a milestone that felton hit way to early for my liking. we went to the doctor today for their 3 year old checkup and on our way home, its all he talked about. by the time we got home, he was in a panic mode and insisting that he sleep in his own room for his nap. all tristen could say was "no felton, im gonna be lonely". yes, she actually said that SEVERAL times. and then she proceeded to say "felton, i love you, don't you wanna sleep with me?". yes, this is a true story. i know that im very sappy on here about my kids because they have brought out the best in me but rarely and i mean rarely (if ever) do i cry. this made me tear up while driving. i got so sad for tristen. she just wants her brother to sleep by her. come on felton, cant you hang in there a few more years, gosh, even just a few more nights? well the answer is a big fat no. right now he is sleeping on the floor in his room and is as happy as can be. he even shut the door behind me. again, lump in the throat and sadness in my heart. tristen...well, she was very quiet and went to sleep without saying anything. me, i just went to sleep on my couch as well without saying anything. i know we will all be ok (tristen and myself that is) but this is one sad sad day for us girls. maybe this nap will be so boring to him that tonight he will be right back in her room. i can only hope so. it just goes to show that children are going to do things on their own time, when they are ready. oh, i just had an idea...maybe she could sleep in HIS room tonight! oooooooooh, can't wait for ceasar to get home so we can take apart the beds!


Ashley said...

so where did they sleep that night?

The Browns said...

I need to post again... They slept in his room:).