Tuesday, August 9, 2011

same side of the bus

school started in our county last week so alot of my mom friends have been talking about routines, schedules, and early early mornings of 6am because our county starts at a ridiculous early time. it got me to thinking about how much i love the stage i am in with my kids. i love the freedom that we have to do whatever we want. we aren't tied to early mornings on the bus, homework at night and lots of places to be during the week. i really want to cherish this time because i know it won't last forever...

at dinner last night, i was talking to tristen & felton about their preschool starting back up in a few weeks. tristen told me that she didn't want to ride a school bus because she was going to be scared. i told her that she didn't have to ride a school bus until she gets older and when the time comes, it will be fun. conversation that followed:

t: but i don't want to ride a school bus when i get older because im gonna be scared
f: its ok tristen, you can sit beside me
t: but i will still be scared felton
f: or you can sit on my lap if you want
me: well, actually my friend just told me today that boys have to sit on one side and girls on the other but you guys will be fine
f: its ok tristen, you can sit on the boys side with me and i will protect you
t: promise felton
f: promise

i loooooooooooooooooooooove their relationship. its just so innocent and sweet. so, until we have to pack up for kindergarten in a few years, we're just gonna continue to dance the summer days away...

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