Saturday, October 15, 2011

its never too late

i took this picture today after a full day of fun around roswell.
when tristen & felton were babies, we stayed on a very rigid schedule. i mean, we were the poster family for baby wise (a specific method for how to get babies on a good sleeping routine). it was the number one advice that moms of multiples gave me. they all said, don't listen to anyone... unless they've had twins. keep them on a hard core schedule and you will be so glad you did. when one sleeps, they both sleep. when one eats, they both eat. when one wakes, they both need to be awake. you get the point. well they were right, and we were ALL happy. tristen & felton learned to be great nappers very quickly and were sleeping through the night within a few months. it was tough, we missed out on a lot, but we were happy. i use to watch parents, as they strolled with a napping baby and thought, that looks so nice. im not saying it's easy with one baby (and i promise i would NEVER say that!) but it's just a little different.

having said all that, one of the big things we missed out on was holding our babies while they slept. we just didnt have the time or the luxury to rock them to bed or sit while they were napping. we also tried really hard to teach them how to fall asleep on their own, in their crib. again, we were glad we did this, but we did miss out on those sweet moments of holding your baby while they sleep.

but now... now is just a whole new world. we are able to be so much more flexible in life and we are LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT. today, we went to lunch and a fall festival and felton fell asleep in the car. we got home and i asked ceasar to wake him up so he wouldn't sleep too long and be up all night. instead of listening to my "recommendation", ceasar swept felton out of the car and went and sat down. they both slept for an hour. i know ceasar's heart was full. mine was full just watching them. absolute bliss.

this picture may look like just a big kid that fell asleep on his dad, but to me... it looks like a daddy finally getting to hold his baby while he sleeps:).

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The Morginskys said...

yay!!!! sooooo precious! sweet sweet Felton!