Thursday, October 6, 2011

three is the real deal

i havent blogged in ages, well because my kids are three and they leave me exhausted at night. we dropped naps a few months back but occasionally (like today) they will fall asleep in the car and get a few zzzzzz's. today i let it go on too long and as a result, i have been wrestling with them, trying to get them to go to down for like a million hours. i thought they were finally asleep, so i did what any normal mom would do, i poured a glass of wine and grabbed a bag of cookies (hence the few extra lbs i have recently gained). right after i ate the first cookie, tristen started yelling my name. here is the conversation when i got to her bed:

t: mommy, im scared
me: nothing to be scared of
t: mommy, i have to pee
me: you have already gone to the bathroom
t: what are you eating?
me: nothing why?
t: are you eating cookies? your breath smells like chocolate
me: no, i bought some new toothpaste that smells like chocolate. i just brushed my teeth and i am getting ready for bed and you need to go night night.
t: mommy, that's strange. why are you so weird?

so after a few months without blogging, that's all i have for you tonight. these kids are hilarious and are growing like crazy. there is never a dull moment with three year olds...

a few of these pictures have really funny stories but im just gonna leave it for your imagination tonight. night night!

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