Tuesday, November 1, 2011

giving thanks: day 1

here it goes. im committing to 30 days of thankfulness. something i know about myself, is that i tend to have great intentions but typically have a hard time following through with them. time, work, life, kids, dinner, sleep, whatever usually gets in the way of my completion of a well intended thingy. BUT, im way too thankful for way too much to not complete this task so here i go. im committing to 30 days on this blog to share what im thankful for.

day 1: thankful for healthy (AND BRAVE) kids on halloween.
its just that simple. i know there are alot of kids out there facing horrible horrible things that didn't allow them to trick or treat last night. i know this. so, for me, seeing my kids run up our new street and gradually become braver and braver with each house was an absolute blast. they were scared (mostly tristen) at the first house because a witch came to the door. they were scared at the 2nd house because they were still thinking about the witch. they were scared at the 3rd house because an older dad/neighbor thought it would be fun to scare all the kids (my dad use to do this growing up!) but didn't realize three years olds were probably a little too young to break out the blood, knives and freak show. by house 5 or 6 though, they were slowly walking up to the door together and didn't need us. occasionally tristen would ask to hold my hand but for the most part, they were so brave and wanted to go at it alone (well together but without us). it was so great watching them face their fears. of course it didnt hurt that candy was the end result.

hope you all had a happy halloween!

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The Morginskys said...

shut up! they are so cute!!!!