Sunday, November 13, 2011

giving thanks: day 12

tristen has been giving me a run for my money the last few nights. actually its been off and on for a few months now. she goes through stages where she wakes up in the middle of the night for different reasons. night terrors are typically the culprit. regardless of why, its WHO that matters most to her. she only wants me. joy. she loves her daddy all day long but sure enough, come 4am, i somehow become the only person in the world she loves.

right before bedtime last night, i joked with ceasar that if i had another long night with tristen, that i was going to disappear when it came morning time (which is much earlier now thanks to daylight savings) so that i could catch a few extra zzzzzs. i told him that i expected HIM to make pumpkin waffles with extra chocolate chips (this is our sunday ritual but i am the one that always makes them) for the kids so they didn't come looking for me.

sure enough, i had a long night with tristen and when morning came, i disappeared into our guest room upstairs. i was so tired and just needed a few more minutes. i heard some rumblings downstairs but had no clue what they were doing. i figured ceasar probably plopped them in front of the tv and poured them some cereal.

i was woken up AN HOUR LATER (i.e an eternity) by my sweet kids serving me breakfast in bed. and we aren't talking cereal... pumpkin waffles (with extra chocolate chips), maple syrup and my coffee.

thankful thankful thankful.

oh, and he never even turned the tv on. shame on me!!!

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