Wednesday, November 16, 2011

giving thanks: day 14,15,16

who says i can't combine a few thankful days...i make the rules around here.

#14 so very thankful for my job. the thing i love most about my job isn't even the job's the people. im very thankful for the good hearted people that i work with each day. from my boss to my peers to the people that i manage, they are all just extremely great people. it makes my time away from the kids much more fulfilling knowing im working with good good people.

#15 im thankful for our lap dog magic. some people say its a doggy dog world, but not so much in our house. our poor little guy gets pushed around and has definitely taken a back seat since t & f came along. magic was our only child for 7 years and i think its safe to say that he is "still adjusting". but, he loves our kids so very much. he's a good dog. a little annoying at times but a really sweet dog. not too mention, he matches the decor of our new home really well:)!

#16 last night's sleep...all 10 hours of it. im back!


The Morginskys said...

holy crap kim. that was so funny. first of all, i am "listening" to mojo practice his sermon for tomorrow and when i got to the part of felton getting his hand caught and i started giggling (and then mojo gave me the evil eye) and then kim, lol, when you said, "some people say its a doggy dog world"!!!! thats the wrong saying!!!! it's a DOG EAT DOG world! lol. holy crap, so funny!

The Browns said...

You obviously don't watch modern family:) glad I can still make you laugh after all these years:) xoxo