Thursday, November 17, 2011

giving thanks: day 17

a thanksgiving feast with fifty 3 year olds... might sound crazy to some but it wasn't crazy at all. fifty toddlers staring out at a bunch of strangers and they were all so amazingly cute! they started with a very high pitched god bless america, then followed with a slow & concise pledge of allegiance, then a sweet thanksgiving song that was new to me and finished the performance with a prayer/blessing. sweet tristen kept her hand over her heart for all 3 songs. she was so focused (didn't miss a word!) that she forgot to put her hand down after the pledge of allegiance. when it was all over, she finally looked at me with the biggest grin. her teacher's call tristen their "rule follower". now that is just funny being that she is MY daughter. felton waved to me a few times but the funniest moment was when he got his hand stuck in his shirt and couldn't get it out. hysterical! he literally tried to get it out for 3 straight songs. he sang when he felt like it and wasn't nearly as concerned about getting it right. he was just up there looking like a ladies man. i video taped the whole thing but not on my phone which means i have no clue how to transfer the video onto here. maybe one day.

it was a proud moment for me. their first "performance".... a mom doesnt forget it.

im thankful for the preschool and all the hard work the teachers put into teaching & nurturing these kids. i know they get paid very little but they pour their hearts and souls into these little toddlers. im the most thankful that i get to see all these "first" moments. i get one shot at my kids "firsts" and i want to see them all!

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