Wednesday, November 2, 2011

giving thanks: day 2

what what, im back...dont count me out just yet!

its amazing how when i commit to blogging about my thankfulness, things just pop up all day that can be my "thankful thing" and the list grows long.

today is coffee. well a husband that makes my coffee... EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. like most couples, we have our "household duties". i wont share the list because im afraid if i type them out, side by side, his list might be longer than mine. but whatever, maybe not:). all i will say is that when he was out of town the last 2 weeks, the kids kept asking me when daddy was coming home because the toilets needed to be cleaned. but back to coffee. some nights i go to sleep and he is up working, watching football or whatever and i think, there is no way he will remember to clean out the coffee grinder/maker and put new beans in there with cold fresh water so that i can wake up and have freshly brewed coffee. but every single morning, its there. ceasar is usually already gone but my coffee is always there. i really cant tell you how happy this makes me every.single.morning when i walk down and see it. i always think, oh he barely got any sleep, its totally ok if he forgot, but nope...never. here's the thing, no matter how tired he is, how little sleep he gets, he does it because he knows coffee is my thing.

so, today (really every day), i am so thankful for freshly brewed coffee and a husband who knows how important IT is to me.

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