Thursday, November 3, 2011

giving thanks: day 3

so thankful for my little girl. i could spend 30 days just talking about all things tristen but today, its all about manicures. she has recently gotten into painting nails. she loves to paint mommy, daddy and felton's nails. i just did mine last night (which is quite a time commitment considering that i have to sit still and not touch anything for quite some time at night). this is always difficult for me because the nighttime is when i get everything done. so, giving up my nightly chores to paint my nails only happens every so often.

all freshly painted, tristen asked me if she can paint sparkly nail polish on me tonight. thinking about the time sacrifice from the night before when i painted my nails, i hesitated... for about 3 seconds. who could resist? so, sparkly thick nail polish on top of my manicured nails we went.

sooooooooo thankful to have a daughter that wants to paint my nails! she takes such pride in her work.

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