Friday, November 4, 2011

giving thanks: day 4

fridays. i am so thankful for fridays. its the one day during the week that i get to wake up and be lazy with the kids (minus the weekends of course). its what i call my "mom day". i dont work and the kids dont have preschool. its just us. we typically wake up with NO agenda at all. i dont like to plan things because i like it to be a free day. the rest of the week is very scheduled with work and school but not fridays. i think that fridays are what taught me how to be a mom of twins. i learned how to get out of the house and truly enjoy the day with them...just the 3 of us.

today we ventured out with no plans at all and ended up having a fabulous day. shopping, lunch and a movie. we didnt last more than 3 minutes at the movie because the kids got scared and had a meltdown but it was fun none the less. now, i sit in my driveway (in the car) while the kids nap because they fell asleep on the way home (hence the movie meltdown because they were exhausted from all our fun!).

i wont have these days forever. soon enough they will be in school 5 days a week and i will look back and miss these unstructured days of freedom. yes, having two three year olds can actually feel like freedom:).

fridays: you come at the perfect time each week and rejuvenate my soul!

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