Monday, November 7, 2011

giving thanks: day 6

as i was driving home from a pretty stressful day of work, i was trying to think of what i wanted my thankfulness thing to be today. my days in the office are always so busy that i rarely have time to even think until im driving home. as i was finally clearing my mind from work and able to focus on what i am thankful for, i was already pulling in my driveway. and that was it, i was already pulling in my driveway! my commute is amazing. it use to be 2 minutes and in my new home its approximately 7 minutes. thats almost unheard of in atlanta. in a city where everything is so spread out and traffic is horrible, i am so thankful for my short commute.

during my 7 minute drive this morning, (taking the kids to school which is across the street from my office), i was fortunate enough to have this lovely view in my rear view mirror. i almost wished i had a longer commute...almost.

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