Tuesday, November 8, 2011

giving thanks: day 7

whoa. grab the tissue box...a friend of mine posted this on facebook last night and it is quite moving. if you are not in the mood for an emotional video, please skip it and just read my post! http://www.godvine.com/Mother-Hears-her-Daughter-s-Heart-Beat-One-Last-Time-649.html

i know this video is more about the family who tragically lost their daughter, but for me, i was also thinking about the mom who received the heart. during the birth of my babies, i suffered from pregnancy-induced cardiomyopothy (defined as heart failure in the last month of pregnancy). i had a perfectly healthy pregnancy but it became quite the ordeal at "go time". i had preeclampsia first, a stressed heart second, and then all my organs started shutting down. the doctors still aren't really sure what exactly happened but what they know for sure is that i suffered from cardiomyopothy due to the pregnancy. thankfully, i was holding my babies very shortly after and had a fairly quickly recovery given what my body had gone through!

i am very blessed to have a fully 100% recovered heart because this is not always the outcome. many women have weakened hearts (like the woman in this video) and are not able to fully care for their children.

i think its an understatement to say that today (and every day) i am so thankful for a strong and healthy heart.

p.s. i will try to be thankful for something a little lighter tomorrow:)

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