Wednesday, November 9, 2011

giving thanks: day 8

i have a fancy nikon camera but still don't really know how to use it. i snap all my shots in "auto" which is such a no no for real photographers. none the less, i typically take about 500 pictures during a week's vacation or at a big event and have captured some great moments during the first 3 years with the kids. but hands down, my favorite pictures of tristen & felton come from preschool picture days. they just make me smile. its the awkward poses, the cheesy backgrounds and the nervous kids staring into the light. they are amazing.

today, tristen & felton came home with this year's fall school picture and once again, they didn't let me down. ladies and gentlemen, i introduce you to my 90 year old married couple that just keeps getting cuter and funnier with each school photo. i am so thankful for these awkward moments caught on film. they are truly priceless!

2 year old fall preschool
2 year old spring preschool
3 year old fall preschool

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