Sunday, November 27, 2011

giving thanks: never ending

i enjoyed my daily (well almost) postings of my thankfulness. obviously i didn't include everything because i never mentioned my parents, my friends, my extended family and so on. i chose to keep things within my small/daily world and specific to happenings of the day. the great thing is, i have so much to be thankful for and not enough time to write about them all. in my opinion, thats a great place to be.

we had a very relaxing thanksgiving at my parents house. it started with a 5mile run around stone mountain, followed by a really great plate of cheesy apples (and other food of course) and ended with relaxation and sleep. we dont spend the night at my parents often but when we do, it feels like a mini vacation. we sleep in (kind of), eat lots of food (that i don't have to cook) and take great showers (they have the best water pressure!). in addition, the kids are in absolute heaven at mimi and poppi's house. they never whine or cry... hello, worth the drive right there! my parents are quite amazing and tristen & felton simply have the best grandparents around. they love my kids (well all their grandchildren) more than anything in the world and would do anything to see them happy. we are so thankful that we live close (relatively) to mimi and poppi!

thanksgiving really is a great holiday. it leaves just the right amount of time for reflection, appreciation and extra pounds!

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