Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy new year!

happy new year! ive been asked several times today if i made any new years resolutions. well, i typically don't make any "official" resolutions. however, i do always feel refreshed and excited about new opportunities when the new year arises. im typically interested in becoming a better person and making an impact where i can. sounds doable right:)? im particularly excited and challenged by my most recent commitment to run in the upcoming georgia half marathon. despite what ceasar is always saying, im really not a runner. unless its a gorgeous day out and im feeling just about perfect, i am usually counting my steps until my run ends. well, its really not THAT bad but i don't necessarily get the rush from running that some people do. but this run really isn't about me. it's about the Rally Foundation and raising money for childhood cancer research. im running for Rally! www.rallyfoundation.org

im not sure how many people follow my blog. i don't have any tracking systems and i don't have google analytics to tell me. i have friends comment (in person) to me about stories i have told which always surprises me because i really only get one or two people that actually comment on here (thank you sharon!:)). hoping that maybe i actually do have a few folks out there reading, i wanted to include my fundraising link below. thank you for reading and maybe even considering supporting my cause. happy 2012... i better get to running! brrrrrrrrrr


Elizabeth said...

I'm a faithful reader. Just an fyi!
Mwah to you, C and the babies--well, big kids now :)

The Browns said...

well hello and thanks for reading Elizabeth:). kisses to your sweet baby too.