Friday, January 13, 2012

happy training

my half marathon training is going really well. i started training a month late but jumped right in to the schedule and picked up at week 4. im actually a little surprised at how much i am enjoying the running. it doesnt hurt that i bought some shoes that are made for training and its made the biggest difference. my feet have thanked me daily. i was wearing shoes that were a size in a half too small. ouch!

i blogged earlier about my reason for raise money for rally! its my charity of choice and i volunteer throughout the year. children's cancer research is a tough topic for anyone to talk or hear about. i don't think there is a human being out there (in their right mind) that can bare the thought of a child suffering. given that i have two little ones, its extremely tough for me to hear and see the rally kids that are suffering. therefore, i tend to volunteer more on the sponsorship and events side of the foundation. i have the industry experience and im always happy to help.

when signing up to run the race, i had to choose a rally child to run in memory/honor of... i quickly browsed the stories and immediately got sick thinking about the pain these children and their parents have to go through. while scanning the stories, i came across a set of twin baby girls... my browsing stopped. they were BOTH diagnosed at 2 months with neuroblastoma... yes, i know. their bio on the website had not been updated since they were diagnosed in 2007 and i was a little scared to ask... but i did. i figured, if im running with these two faces in my mind (along with 2 other little faces that will give me strength:), then i should at least know where they are today. i waited a day to hear back and my heart stopped when i got the email. truth be told, i was scared to read it. BUT, here is it

Bella and Maddie are doing GREAT!!! Beautiful girls, healthy and thriving!!! We should update their bio. It’s one of those cases where the parents were so overwhelmed at what happened, now that they are on the other side (thank you Jesus), they sometimes glance back but not often. When they do, they include me on the emails. I think there are some side-effects but not many.

It was so tough when they were going through it. They must be identical twins b/c the oldest one would get a symptom or reaction and the younger one got the exact same symptom or reaction eight hours later. Heartbreaking but today, Kim, they are thriving!!! That is why we support research. And their parents are 110% behind research! So precious that you picked them!!!

Rally On!

how can i not sprint up that next hill after reading this??? praise the lord!

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The Morginskys said...

2 months old!!! ugh, makes me sick to my stomach!!! so glad you chose them and that they are doing better!!!
definitely want to support you! I have always wanted one of those 13.1 stickers on my car! lol.