Monday, January 30, 2012

if you give a girl a mouse

"we need to get this for her. she wont always be this small and sweet and love her little mouse." that's the email i got from ceasar today.

let me back up 2 weeks. max is the classroom pet and he has been staying with us for 2 weeks. he's a plush toy from the kohls care book "if you give a mouse a cookie". the idea is that max goes home with each child for a week and the mom sends him back with pictures and stories added to the "max scrapbook". its a super cute idea and very creative of their teacher. at the end of a few months, the book will be filled out with really cute pictures and stories of all the kids and their families. really cute. really creative. small problem. my child gets attached to things. my child is super sweet and sensitive. my child was devastated today when it was time to take max back to school. felton didn't care. tristen was devastated. we are talking about the kind of sad that rips out your heart. she frowned so sadly that she couldnt even cry. you see, we got to keep max for two weeks since this household has 2 kids in the class. this was definitely not a good thing. tristen got attached.

so, the logical thing to do is well, teach her that she can't have everything... but that's just ridiculous. the other logical thing would be to just go out and buy her a max. however, it was a special edition/one time only plush toy created by kohls. gulp.

what did i do? i did what any normal mom would do....

EBAY! yes i sure did. and guess who won their bid today? guess who will be getting her very own max next week?

again, ceasar's response to my email telling him about our max experience this morning. "we need to get this for her. she wont always be this small and sweet and love her little mouse."

$7.95 later... i can breath. i cant wait to surprise her.

P.S. i found out today that im not the only crazy mom in the class...another mom bought her son a max off ebay too. lol. the things we do to see our kids smile.

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