Thursday, January 5, 2012

it was a very merry sniffly christmas

christmas 2011 was a hit. despite t & f both being sick pretty much the entire two weeks, we still managed to have a blast.

a few highlights:

31 days of christopher (our elf) flying around and making a new appearance each morning. who knew this would cause such excitement each and every morning? i still dont know how christopher flew around like that and landed in the perfect spot each morning. christmas magic i guess.

first christmas program at school. we got there an hour early to get front row seats! i felt like they were getting married when i was waiting for them to walk down the aisle. they were so cute and so proud. tristen was the perfect little angel and felton was a shepherd. what? you don't like my homemade costume? i think he looks great!

we had lots of cousin time. ashley (my sister) and her three kids drove up and spent the week with us. despite only seeing each other a few times a year, the kids warmed up to each other quickly and had a ball (three 3 year olds, a 5 year old and an 11 going on 16 year old). t & f also got to spend a few hours with their cousin taylor who's an absolute doll. again, rarely seeing each other, had a ball.
santa was a big success this year! t & f were all about him. they were so excited and told everyone what was on their list. tristen started asking a few questions about the logistics of santa but nothing to be worried about:). they were very consistent with their list and never wavered when people asked.

tristen (and i quote):
1. a feather for my hair
2. scooter
3. camera to take pictures
4. princess nail polish
check check check check.... she was a very good girl this year.

1. a scooter
2. a big buzz
3. transformers
check check check.... felton was dynamite too:).

like i said, the kids were fighting a bug pretty much the whole break so it really gave us an excuse to hibernate and love on each other all day long. once the extended family was gone (post Christmas through Jan 3rd), we pretty much didn't even get out of our pajamas until noon and the house stayed a wreck. lots of movies watched, toys everywhere and good food eaten. holiday bliss.

i know i say this all the time but just when i think it can't get any better.... it somehow does. this year was our best christmas yet. kids have a way of making christmas so magical.

hope you all had a merry christmas too!

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