Thursday, March 22, 2012


i did it! 13.1 miles of running through downtown atlanta. it was the perfect day and so much fun. the weather was gorgeous and my foot held up pretty well. i went into this race thinking that if i had any pain, discomfort and/or exhaustion, that i would just think about what the rally kids go through each day during their treatment and get over myself real real quick. thankfully i never even had to go there. i had a great run and loved it so much!

my first 10 miles were easy. i really wanted to pace myself, so i ran with a good friend of mine and we talked the whole way. it was great to catch up and i honestly never even knew how far we were running. at mile 10, i decided to head out on my own. i wanted to take it all in. i wanted to watch all the fans, read all the encouraging signs, think about the accomplishment that i was about to complete, and step up my running pace a notch and really finish strong.

at mile 12 i got a text from ceasar asking where i was. i knew he was camped out near the finish line so i thought, what the heck, let me give him a call. i never in a million years would have thought that i could make a phone call after running 12 miles. but, like i said, it was a great run. unfortunately he didn't answer. so, i was running my last mile scouring the crowds. there were sooooooo many people cheering us on and i was determined to find my family. i looked everywhere and almost ran into people several times because i wasn't even watching the road. i couldn't find them! as i was running through the finish line, i glanced one more time to the right and there they were!!! ceasar was standing tall and proud and holding up tristen & felton so high and they were all beaming. they were so proud of me and i was so happy to see them. ive actually never seen tristen smile so big. felton looked happy but a little worried. he's such a sweetheart.

running a half marathon is like having a baby. as soon as you complete the task, everyone immediately asks if you are gonna do it again:). i would absolutely run another half and probably even a full. but it's gonna be a while because i have got to let my foot heal. THANKS to all my friends & family who supported my fundraising efforts. trust me... the money will be put to good use!