Friday, April 13, 2012

boys and haircuts

i got felton's hair cut SHORT today and he looks adorable. but, that has nothing to do with today's post...

while going through some drawers this morning, i came across a folder of old family photos. so, i started looking through them and pulled a few out to show tristen & felton what their mommy and daddy looked like as kids. i also thought they would like seeing their grandparents in their younger glory days. i need to let you all know (because most of you didn't know me as a child) that YES my mom actually loved me and NO, these pictures have not been touched by photoshop.

here's the conversation:

me: look kids, here is daddy when he was a child
t & f: cool, he was a cute little boy
me: look kids, here is mommy when i was a little girl
felton: that's not you, that's a boy
felton again: you look like you have a boy's face
tristen: look at your hair mommy, is that really you?
me (after i gathered myself): yes kids, that's really me and i was not a boy.

a few questions that i would like to publicly ask my mother:
#1 was it april fools day on picture day (every year)?
#2 why am i wearing the same dress 2 years in a row and my sister is not?
#3 did i do something as a baby that hurt your feelings?

happy friday:)!


Two Dozen and Change said...

You, my friend, made me giggle today. Love your bowl cut, I had the very same one, sigh.

The Morginskys said...

lol. seriously! ashleys hair is totally normal!!!!!

Ashley said...

I should not have read this blog while driving on the highway. Kharis was reading it to me & I was crying I was laughing so hard. Cleve was freaking out b/c he thought I was gonna wreck. I couldn't even breathe, AND I've gone back & reread it like 10 times. So freakin funny!!!