Monday, April 30, 2012

mr mom

i left this morning for a business trip.  every time i leave, it reminds me of how glad i am that i don’t travel a ton for work.  occasionally is fine but i wouldn’t want to do it all the time.  ceasar is so good with the kids though.  i laugh when people ask “who is going to help with the kids?”  um, their father.   i have always expressed that ceasar is just as capable as me with the kids.  from day one,  it’s been an equal playing field because we had two newborns at once.  it wasn’t just me bonding with the baby while dad got his rest.  he was right there on the floor, middle of the night, feeding and changing diapers.  we have been a team since day one.  fast forward almost 4 years and we still equally share in the fun.  but, its different now.  i have naturally taken on more responsibility with the “mommy things” such as meals, laundry, packing lunches, picking out clothes, etc.  i have also naturally become the one they want if they are sick, sad or tired.   daddy is fun, silly and a little more of the disciplinary figure than I am.  i will admit it… i am a softy.  it’s funny that no matter how much has changed over the years in parenting, our family (for the most part) has naturally fallen into the stereotypical roles. 

it is nice to leave for a few days because I feel so appreciated and needed.  i gave the kids a pep talk last night.  i told them i needed them to be extra responsible this week and get ready for school on their own (kind of).  i laid out their clothes for the week (which I have never done before) and told them they could choose each morning which outfit to wear but it had to be from the laid out clothes.  it’s the first thing they both did when they woke up this morning.  they really wanted to make things easier for their daddy.  it was so sweet!  if i didn’t put out their clothes for the week, tristen would be in a t-shirt that is too small and tight leggings every day and felton would go in his pajama top with shorts from last summer.  ceasar can do hair, oh he can do some hair… but clothes,  good lord, it’s seriously like his brain stops functioning.   

i know ceasar is a little uncomfortable when i'm gone.  i can see it in his face whenever i am packing.  it’s a lot for one person to do.  Demanding job with a lot of responsibility, 3 year olds, playing mom & dad… but trust me, he will be great.  and the best part is, i know the kids will rise to the occasion.  they are always so good for him because they want to make him proud when i am gone. 

i was driving off this morning and tristen ran out to the driveway and asked me to roll down the window… she put her face up to mine and said “one more butterfly kiss”. L.O.V.E L.O.V.E L.O.V.E that girl.  Felton still had crust in his eyes and never left the couch.  wouldn't trade his lazy self for anything in the world!

when i return wednesday night, i’m certain that ceasar will have the kids in bed and a hot casserole for me cooking in the oven...or maybe i should just grab a bite to eat on the way home;).

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The Morginskys said...

that made me laugh about C and clothes! a weird fear of mine is if i die my girls will always be wearing bad outfits and have knotty hair!