Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FOUR years old: birthday letters to you

happy 4th birthday to the very best of friends!

dear tristen:  you are four years old sweet girl! 4 years old!  after this year,  i will probably need to take this “birthday letter” offline and probably just put it under your pillow:).  you are becoming quite the big girl that I always dreamed of.  this year has been such an exciting one.  you have made some of your first real friendships at preschool and it’s been so fun to watch.  it tugged at my heart a bit, watching you slowly make friendships outside of felton but it was bound to happen.  you are so sweet and caring to all of your friends.   i’m so proud of you learning all your letters.  i know you are proud too and tried really hard this year.  when ms. michelle called on you at the mother’s day tea (which was not planned/rehearsed) to say a letter and ONE word that it starts with… you made me so proud.  you stood up and said “l is for lollipop, ladybugs, lizard, love and laney.  you get em girl! i know you are a bit shy in front of groups but you conquered the spotlight.  your teachers say you are the sweetest girl and such a rule follower.  i'm going to work on that with you because i believe that rules are made to be broken:)!  i am so so so happy that you are a healthy and happy little girl.  that’s all i need from you… love you sweet baby.  keep being who you are! happy birthday! butterfly kisses, mommy

dear felton:  my sweet boy, how can you possibly be 4 years old?  you are so playful and you love those toys of!  toys are your thing:).  you were a little quieter in school and more reserved with the friendships but that's alright with me.  you did make friends but also liked to play alone.  there is nothing wrong with that because you are the most resourceful boy i know.  you can take a few boxes and toys and build the biggest and baddest fort in town.  i could watch you play for hours.  i could listen to you for hours.  i am in awe of your creativity.  thank you for always watching out for tristen.  i see it.  she may not notice but i sure do.  i've never given you a treat without you making sure that she has one.  if she ever got sick this year, you always wanted to stay home from school with her.  you've never once enjoyed anything, without looking around to share with her.  you are the sweetest boy i know.  this year you have become stronger, bigger and smarter...but remember the promise you made to me... no matter how old you get, you will "always be my baby boy".  i'm gonna hold you to that!  i love you sweet boy.  happy birthday!  mommy   

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