Thursday, May 17, 2012

preschool days

today almost made me want to become a preschool teacher.  almost:)...  it was the last day of tristen & felton's 3 year old preschool.  wow... this school year flew by!  it was such a great year.  they went from 2 days last year (2 year old) to 4 days this year and they formed the best friendships, had the sweetest teachers in the world and received a great foundation of learning.  i can't speak highly enough of their preschool! thankfully no one really had to say goodbye because all of their classmates, moms and teachers will be at tristen & felton's birthday party this weekend.  whew, that's a relief.  not to mention, we'll continue to have playdates this summer and they will be in the same class with several of their friends next year.  man oh man,  the next 15 years are going to be rough... going through graduations and such.  i wish i could just bottle up this age.  preschool age is THE BEST.  i watched their teachers hugging them today and i thought, what a rewarding job.  i seriously sat in the parking lot thinking that i would enjoy teaching preschool.  i love love love kids and i just think it would be so much fun.  tiring but fun.  thanks to ms. michelle and ms. theresa for loving & teaching my kids all year.  it's great to see people enjoy what they do while making a difference in these young kids lives.

tristen & felton really blossomed this year.  they learned all their shapes, numbers, letters and such...but even more importantly (in my opinion), how to confidently go out into this world and become great little people.

first day of school pictures

last day of school...

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