Monday, June 4, 2012

i can't wait to wake up in the morning!

im way way way out of shape! yes, i ran a half marathon a few months ago but honestly, that didn't get me in good shape.  yes,  i could run for a long time, but i also ate my entire house during training.  how could i let this happen right before/during bathing suit season?  i will tell you how... i can't seem to find the time!  i know i lame.  stop making excuses kim.  i hear ya! i tell myself the same thing every single night (after i tuck the kids in bed) when i chose the couch over heading down to the basement to workout. it's crazy because i can honestly come up with one million reasons why the couch is clearly the more logical choice.  but, it's gotta stop!

so, i rocked out this new workout that i found on pinterest tonight.  20 minutes and your done!  i will let you guys know if i wake up looking like this in the morning.  im very optimistic!

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The Morginskys said...

i'm totally doing this too! ugh! my legs need help!!!!