Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the summer of 4

wow, i went the entire month of july without blogging.  and, we are already at mid august...you know what they say, time flies when you're having a blast.  this summer has been the best one yet.  do i say that every summer:)?  beach trips, lake trips, holidays, birthdays, a week with my amazing niece in town and many lazy summer days with the family.

this morning, i am sitting out on the porch with t & f VERY thankful for this time with them.  many of our friends are posting their cute first day of school pics asking "where has the time gone?" and friends have kids starting all sorts of milestones (kindergarten, middle school, high school and college).  yet here i sit, on the porch with my 4 year olds soaking it all in.  we have a few weeks until they start their 4 year old preschool program and i don't want this time to end.  i know that no matter how hard i try, or how much i appreciate this time, i too will be asking "where has the time gone?" and posting pics of them starting high school or even leaving for college GASP!  but for now, i am going to continue having my coffee dates with tristen and car races with felton and appreciate this priceless time with them.  seriously, how many of you think 4 is the best age ever?  i know life is going to get much busier in the years ahead, but for now i just love how 4 is so simple and fun.

hope you've all had a great summer and made unforgettable memories with your families too.
date night

dress up fun

lunch date with daddy

zip line at neighbors house

kharis teaching me the latest trends

happy birthday daddy

lake beauty

walking on water

my one and only...

first "sleepover":)

coffee date on porch

he really thought he was spiderman

last family vk at wild dunes

for some reason, we kiss more at the beach...maybe we should just move there:)!

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