Wednesday, September 26, 2012

babies and zombies

i was searching for a file on my computer this morning and came across a picture that made me LOL so hard.  have you ever seen a daddy look more tired?  i mean seriously, we didnt even have cases on our pillows! ceasar, are you even awake in this picture?  its like he is a zombie or something!
its so easy to get caught up in the now and completely forget how we got here... wow,  those were some crazy days and nights but so thankful that we didn't know any different:).  thats all the doctors ever told us, "its good you are having twins as your first because you dont know any different".  people in the malls (thats where everyone seemed to have their opinions and comments most) use to say to me "be glad you dont know any BETTER!"... seriously? BETTER? really?  i look at twin babies now and think, wow, those parents are so lucky... there is nothing BETTER than having twins.  you may be sleep deprived for a while or in our case, zombies without pillow cases.

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