Thursday, September 13, 2012

the sweetness of daddy and donuts

every year, its a highlight of tristen and feltons school year.  daddy and donuts came very early (week 3) this year.  the teacher said they decided to do it early because some of the dads dont make it in the whole school year until daddy and donuts day so they wanted to get them in quicker. lets face it, dads just arent nearly as comfortable in a preschool setting as moms.  maybe its the tiny chairs and tiny tables and come to think of it, tiny toilets!  thankfully ceasar is always able to make this special occasion and tristen & felton couldn't be prouder taking their daddy to school.  they also couldn't be prouder that their dad was the one who stayed afterwards to play outside.  rumor has it, he had all the kids lined up on the playground wanting to play with him:).  hes a pretty cool dad to say the least...

his hero!

her favorite man in the world!

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