Monday, September 10, 2012

thinking out loud

a few random thoughts on this beautiful fall monday:
1. p90x is the real deal... i hate it but i love it.  ugh, i am ready to be fit again.  patience kim patience.
2. we are going to the mountains to camp in a few weeks.  i am SO excited.  ive been waiting for this for years! one might would ask if i grew up camping.  absolutely not.  far from it... my dad loves the air condition and tv too much for that:).  im a nature girl though and i can't wait to camp with the kids!!!
3. nfl season is here which  means that ceasar is not... kidding. well sort of:). this was our tv screen yesterday (which rarely even gets turned on during the day). he did take breaks to play treasure hunts, baseball and football with the kids.  he's a good daddy.  just a daddy that loves him some nfl.

4. today was "bring a friend day to dance".  tristen chose felton.  felton gladly accepted.  she kept telling him in the car "now you have to listen to my teacher. you can't just do whatever you want to felton".  they had such a blast and she was so proud to take him.

5. i am so thankful for my health. a small medical issue last week reminded me of how quickly life can change.  i am so thankful for the lives that ceasar and i have built together but am fully aware that anything can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye.  which leads me to thought #6...

6. yesterday's message at church was great!  it was part 5 of a series called future family.  this week focused on parenting thoughts from our senior pastor (andy stanley) and his wife.  no matter what your religious beliefs, i think every parent could take away something valuable from their message.  if you are interested, you can watch it HERE. this was definitely a timely message for me.

afterwards, andy said that he and his wife wanted to dedicate a song to us.  the band immediately performed "you're gonna miss this" and im not sure if there was a dry eye in the place. here is the VIDEO performed by the original artist.  good stuff.

hope you all have a great week!

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The Morginskys said...

what medical issue??????????