Monday, November 5, 2012

front and center

last december, we watched tristen on stage at the school christmas program as she FROZE in front of the audience.  and i dont mean that she was cold...she was frozen by fear, anxiety, shyness or whatever came over her that night.  our funny, loud, animated, cutie pie became, all of the sudden, so shy that she couldn't even face the crowd.  she turned to the side (the entire time), as her face twitched and she barely even sang (mind you she had been singing the songs for months and was so excited about the program).   i was really surprised and kind of sad for her because i could tell she was not having fun.  im totally ok if she is shy or a little timid on stage but when i saw how uncomfortable she was, i felt so bad for her.

so, ceasar and i thought it would be good to put her in dance this fall.  teach her a little skill and get her confidence up to maybe help with the "stage fright" situation.  let me just tell you... THIS GIRL SHINED!!! aint no shame in her game.  she was nothing less than perfect during this dance class.  combining her "rule follower" mentality with her coordination, its a winning combination for ballet and tap.  ok, ive bragged enough:).

today was parent observation day because it was the last class for fall (she will continue through winter and spring to be in the big recital).  this girl was front, center and ALL smiles.  sometimes all we need in life is a little confidence to conquer this world.
picture perfect!
so confident and proud
her biggest fan!
look who surprised her

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