Thursday, November 1, 2012

psssst, who's that cutie over there?

below is the conversation i had with the kids after school today:

t:  larson (her new bff at school) keeps telling me she wants to kiss felton
(as felton just sat back and smiled but didn't say anything)
t: she really does.  she tells me all the time she wants to kiss him
me: why does she say that?
t: i don't know.  i guess she likes him.
f: i won't kiss her mommy, i will just hide if she tries.
me: because you don't kiss anyone felton, right?  you are only allowed to kiss who?
f: momma
me: that's right. MWAH!

oh, this is bound to get interesting... i have a strange feeling that all of tristen's friends are gonna want to have playdates/sleepovers at our house real soon.  i mean, can you blame them?

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