Monday, March 18, 2013

play ball!

hi. my name is felton and i am a two sport athlete.  i played basketball this winter and i loved it!  not only did i learn the fun of hustle and defense, i formed a great lefty jump shot and learned how to protect the ball while dribbling.  it was also really exciting to learn that my team, hands down, had the best coach in the league.  he sure had passion for the sport but most importantly, he made sure all the boys were having fun!

my favorite part of it all was being on my first ever team.   i made some really good buddies and learned very quickly how cool it is to have 7 other boys that i could call MY teammates.  before basketball, i was a shy little boy that really leaned on tristen (socially), but i tell you what... thanks to basketball, i became very confident on my own.  some may even say i got a little too confident at times:).

now that its spring, im playing baseball.  while basketball is my first love, baseball sure is fun too.  i love that its outside and again,  i am getting to make a bunch of new buddies.  some of my basketball teammates are on my team again (they all requested "coach ceasar")... i have the coolest dad in the world.   im playing in an older league but they made an exception to let a few of us in.  most of the boys on my team are 5, 6 and 7.  im only 4! but i will be 5 in May so they better watch out.  my daddy was out of town for the first game so of course my poppy pitched in and helped coach the game. my first time up to bat, i noticed that poppy (coaching first base) kept moving closer and closer to home plate with every pitch.  when i finally hit the ball, i think he may have ran beside me the entire way from home plate to first base after my hit!  he is so funny.  im really loving this sport stuff!  it must be in my genes.

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