Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 words

i need to celebrate felton tonight.  at 4 years old (5 years old in 23 days!), he has shown a maturity beyond his years.  the last few months, tristen has been going through some things.  i will blog about her trials in the near future but for now i want to talk about felton.  he has given this family every ounce of what we have needed from him, every step of the way.  he has helped me, he has helped ceasar, but most importantly, he has helped his sister.  

in these last few months, when tristen has needed a best friend, he has quickly raised his hand.  when she has needed a punching bag, he has stepped in.  when she is sad, he hands her a sheetie and walks away. when she is happy, he gladly creates a game to play.  when she has needed him to carry the burden, he has put it all on his shoulders. and i mean all of it.  its hard for me to comprehend how a 4 year old can understand so deeply what his sister needs.  

i have written about my kids personalities as they have gown over the past four years. one is funny, one is quiet.  one is a big eater, one is picky.  one is photogenic, one is shy.  one is a rule follower, one is more care free. but to really sum up the way i feel about felton tonight is...


PS: a special note to felty: even if she's not showing it all the time, i can promise you this picture expresses how she feels about you! I promise.  We appreciate you more than you will ever know.

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