Wednesday, June 12, 2013


happy super belated birthday to my favorite kids in the world (may 23rd was the big day).  i cant believe i let their brithday pass without blogging.  well, actually, i can believe it...

im gonna look back on this time in my life and miss when ALL my time was consumed by my kids.  i will one day be sipping on margaritas by the water (where we will live) reminiscing and missing the days when my children took up the majority of my thoughts and time.  the first 5 years of tristen & felton's life have been incredible.  i truly enjoy raising these kids and watching them grow into real people.  it has gotten a little tougher lately but none the less,  i was made for this. the difficult times and all.
birthday letters from mommy.
dear tristen: you are 5 years old baby doll!  when i look back on the past 5 years, watching you grow, i can't believe how much you are like me.  its scary at times... like the other day, you came into trader joes to surprise me and i literally felt like i was looking in the mirror when you ran up to me so excited. you are my twin.  i love it!  the past several months (off and on), you have not been feeling like yourself.  yourself= funny, full of energy, beautiful, outgoing, and super super sweet.  we are trying to figure out what is going on and it has been quite a process. we are getting closer to some answers and we think it's a viral infection (from the past) that triggered some difficult side effects for you.  i promise you that your daddy and i will get to the bottom of this.  we are seeing the best doctor that is looking at the most natural way to help you heal.  like i have always told you, i was made to be your mommy and my determination is kicking in big time. i love you so much sweet girl.  thank you for being such a beautiful, bright light in our home.  keep believing that god is your strength and everything is gonna be just fine...

dear felton:  my big boy is F.I.V.E years old.  what what! you have really come into your own this year.  you are so confident, sweet and funny its unbelievable.  you are your dad's twin.  at preschool graduation, your teacher told me that you were the student that grew the most this year.  she said you were a shy little boy in the beginning that only wanted to be with tristen but by the end of the year,  you were the outgoing, funny kid that everyone wanted to be around.  thats my boy.  you make us so proud.   i sure am enjoying watching you grow into a child that wants to help people.  your genuine character is so admirable and i envy how natural it is for you.  thank you for being you.  i love you sweet boy!
I hope five is a year full of good health, love & FUN!  all children really want in life is to have fun!

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