Monday, July 1, 2013

a little positive "drop off"

i believe it was around their 4 year old doctor's appointment, that our pediatrician (dr roy) asked me how well tristen & felton got along. i mentioned they fight occasionally but for the most part, they get along great.  he offered up some parenting advice that i have since used on a regular basis.  he said, whenever they are playing well with each other, walk into the room, hand them a plate with two brownies and say "thank you for playing so well together, enjoy the brownie" and walk off.  he talked about parents getting so caught up in disciplining and forgetting to reward the good behavior too. 

while i don't agree with brownies loaded in sugar, i do like the idea of homemade treats none the less:).  his idea is awesome. simple. and rewarding for all involved.  they aren't asking for anything.  just pleasantly surprised every single time. 

since turning five, tristen and felton have really found their strong personalities.  well, i really should say that felton has found his strong personality.  tristen has had hers in her back pocket since the day she was born.  since turning five, felton has discovered just what to say and do to set tristen off and boy do they go at it.  i mean...WHOA.  i am trying to find the right balance between letting them work it out and inserting myself when necessary.  necessary= someone gets hurt. it has definitely been interesting lately.  lots of fighting but lots of loving too.  they are seriously crazy at times.  they will fight fight fight, scream scream scream, hit hit hit and then crack up in the same sitting.  sometimes i just wanna scream... "for the love of twins!"

we went to the pool today (now that i am finally posting it was actually last week) and they were the best of friends for 4 straight hours.  they laughed and played the entire time.  im not gonna lie, i was walking with a bit of a strut around the pool today as the other moms watched in envy. when we got home, they immediately wanted to play on their new scooters together. i decided it was time to drop a "dr. roy" on them.  i came in, got two popsicles and walked out and said "you guys are awesome. thanks for being best friends today. enjoy!"... and walked back in the house.  again, with a bit of a strut.  here are a few pictures i took through the window.  they sat and talked for 30 minutes. so sweet!

ps: there have also been days this summer that i have walked around our pool with a needing crutches limp.
pss: today (one week later from when i wrote this post), they have played together since 8am with ZERO arguing.  i text ceasar that i felt like i was being punked because i have never seen anything like this.  8am-8pm.  perfectly played together.  they have moved from each room in the house and created their own fun.  they have gotten married (4 times), built tents, had a tea party, made a craft, played cars, played dolls, played dress up in each others clothes, and so on.  im not afraid of "jinxing" myself. i don't believe in that... i just believe that these two kids were perfectly made to perfectly play together today. 

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