Wednesday, August 21, 2013

sharing life together

i recently came across this on a blog:

To be a twin is a divine gift from the Lord.  He molds two babies at the same time in their mother’s womb; asking them to share from the very beginning of their existence.  Yes, one is birthed first, but the other always follows.  Twins are designed to share life together – however different or similar their personalities and looks may be.

it's so true, they really do share life together.  it has been so much fun to watch them share in the fun moments in life.  even though they have really grown into their own personalities and are so different from each other, they play so well together and nothing in the world beats that!  what i've witnessed more of recently, is the sharing of difficult times too.  as i've mentioned, tristen has been going through some things and it sure has taken a toll on both her and felton.  every day that she is down, felton takes on the roll of protector and its exactly what she needs.  when she is feeling great, he quickly resorts to an annoying silly brother and she wrestles all over the floor with him!   they feed off each other's spirits.

on a much more minor level, yet ever so painful, tristen had to get a HUGE wart removed this morning off her pointer finger.  she has had this exact wart frozen off before and it was so painful for her.  she was really dreading it but she (ok, mostly her dad) wanted it removed before starting kindergarten on monday.  i have put this off all summer long.  as brave as she tried to be PRIOR to the appointment, she was hysterical when we sat down with the doctor.  it was quite dramatic but we got though it.  after 15 minutes of trying to talk her into it, i finally just held her hand down and she screamed while they froze it off. felton was sitting silently somewhere in a corner of the room.  honestly, i had no clue where he was the whole time. it wasn't until we were in the parking lot (i was holding tristen and she was still crying hysterically), that i noticed felton holding his finger, quietly saying "ouch, ouch, ouch"... i thought to myself, could this be the twin pain that i have always heard about?  i asked him what was wrong with his hand, he answered "well, i stuck my finger in the cup that had the freezer stuff they put on tristen... and it burned me really bad".  i responded, "honey, are you ok? why in the world did you do that? his response, "because i really needed to feel how bad tristen was hurting".  

true story folks, true story.  twins are designed to share life together...through the good and bad.

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